Owner Name: Gary, Lisa and Anna Laughter
Location: Edneyville
Facebook Page:




Product Offerings:

• “All Natural” fruits (strawberries, blueberries , apples , peaches , etc ).
• Vegetables of all kinds
• Tomato pies
• Baked goods
• Home made pimento cheese.

Provide short description of your farm/business and practices:

We follow the guidelines for All Natural farming.  We do use spray, but only those that follow the All Natural guidelines. We use no chemical fertilizers. We use worm tea and our sheep to fertilize    We use no weed killer. Instead we use a blow torch and mulch. Raised beds are a must to keep weeds down.

We do everything we can to avoid pesticides including picking the bugs off ourselves. We’ve been farming this way for thirty years now. We had to change our lifestyle when our daughter became severely sick from chemical sprays. We would be more than happy to share with you what we have learned. We are learning new methods every year to better manage our farms- Such as lasagna beds , plant grafting for stronger plants.  We love what we do and have been blessed with a busy, sometimes crazy life. My husband has been farming all his life. What a good life we have   Raising and showing sheep , chickens and more. Just can’t get much better!

Do you offer CSA shares? Not at this time.

Why do you love Flat Rock Farmers Market:
We have been selling at the Flat Rock Tailgate Market for ten years now. I love the market , I love people. It gives us a chance to share with others why we choose not to use harmful chemicals. Love meeting new people and getting the satisfaction of having them come back every year for jellies and our other items. I love my tailgate family.

What dates will you be attending the market?  Full Season