RoofTopApiary Owner Name: David & Martha Stallings
Location: Hendersonville
Phone: 828-606-9592





Product Offerings:

• Wildflower Honey
• Sourwood Honey
• Beeswax
• Farm Fresh Eggs

Provide short description of your farm/business and practices:
We are completely treatment free, no chemicals or acids, in my beekeeping practices. All parasitic or disease and virus management is completely by natural means. I also use foundationless frames for a more contaminate free environment in brood rearing and nectar storage. I run 7 apiaries, (bee yards) through the Crab Creek valley into DuPont and Transylvania County as well as in Tuxedo. I normally manage 50 to 60 colonies through the season. My first 6 hives were established on a roof so I named our small enterprise “Roof Top Apiary”. We have been producing honey for 4 of the 5 years that I have kept bees. We produce Wild Flower Honey, Sourwood Honey and also make available bees wax. Our honey won the blue ribbon for Henderson County in 2015.

Do you offer CSA shares? Not at this time.

Why do you love Flat Rock Farmers Market: We are familiar with Flat Rock Farmers Market through my fellow beekeeping friends Victor and Darlene who manage the market.  This will be our 1st season at the market.

What dates will you be attending the market?  Full Season