HollySprings-Farm tomatoes produceBusiness/Farm Name:  Holly Spring Farm
Owner: Paul & Simone Shoemaker
Email:  paulbshoemaker@gmail.com
Website:  Farm is listed on ASAP’s website
Phone: (828)891-4968





Product Offerings:

• A wide range of spring, summer and fall vegetables, from asparagus to winter squashes
• Specializing in homegrown tomatoes with over 40 different varieties, including heirloom tomatoes

Provide short description of your farm/business and practices:
We are a small family farm located in Mills River, NC, utilizing both conventional and organic practices in a sustainable manner.

Do you offer CSA shares? Provide details: Not at this time

Why do you love Flat Rock Farmers Market:
I love the friendliness and spirit of camaraderie among my fellow vendors, and the support and dedication of our loyal customers.

What dates will you be attending the market? Full Season