Green River Picklers Pickle ProductsBusiness/Farm Name: Green River Picklers
Owners: Beau Martin and Brandi Morrow





Product Offerings:
Green River Picklers offers three types of fresh packed cucumber pickles, and a variety of shelf stable pickled vegetables.

Provide short description of your farm/business and practices:
The Green River Picklers is a consciously produced, small batch, locally sourced pickle company. Currently, our facility is in North Asheville, but will be moving this summer to our new home in the Tuxedo in the heart of the Green River community. We offer a variety of delicious, locally-sourced and nutritious pickled products. Our only preservatives are organic vinegar and Celtic sea salt. We work with a variety of local farmers to supply us with the finest vegetables. Our cucumber pickles, Willy’s Dilly’s, Southern Sweeties, and The Narrows are packed fresh, never cooked. Our shelf stable pickled vegetables are packed with nutrition due to our unique pickling process. We offer Appalachian Okra, Tuxedo Beans, Blue Ridge Beets, and MF’s Jalapeños. During the season, we will have limited edition pickles such as Bradford Watermelon Rind, Underground Sauerkraut and Chow-Chow and many more. GRP use only American made jars and have a jar return system in place. Return your jars, earn free pickles!

Why do you love Flat Rock Farmers Market:
GPR loves the FRM because of our loyal customers. They love pickles and we love them!

What dates will you be attending the market? Full season