Blue Ridge Medical Sports MassageOwner Name:  Bernie Miller, LMBT
Business Name: Blue Ridge Medical and Sports Massage


Product Offering:
• Massage Therapy for pain and stress
• Knukkles massage tool

A Short description of my business and practices:
Blue Ridge Medical and Sports Massage is a privately-owned clinic treating athletes improve their performance, people recovering from chronic or acute injuries, painful reduced range of motion and stress. It is my goal to assist each person in the recovery of a pain-free range of motion and the reduction of stress. Whenever possible, the therapy is performed in a pain-free manner.

Why do I love FRFM?
I love the Flat Rock Farmers Market because it’s a community of people who are all reaching for optimal health. The vendors are courteous and knowledgeable. Our customers are hungry for high quality food and health-promoting experiences. All of the vendors agree to grow their food with organic practices – and that’s important.

What dates will you be attending the market??
I will be attending the Flat Rock Farmers Market from Day 1 to the very end with the exception of the following dates:

May 26
June 23
August 25
October 27