Piece O’Cake

Piece O'Cake Pound Cakes BrowniesOwner Name: Jon & Kerry Austin
Location: Tryon
Email: clickkerry@gmail.com
Phone: 828-817-4900




Product Offerings:

• Pound Cakes
• Brownies
• Baked Goods

Provide short description of your farm/business and practices:
Our business, Piece O’Cake evolved from tried and true family recipes. Kerry’s grandmother, known to all as Nama, was a quintessential Southern lady who had a gift for baking Pound Cakes. She lived with Jon & Kerry for many years and as she aged she passed the torch and the recipes to a new generation. A slice of toasted pound cake was her breakfast staple. Nama lived to be 101! Thanks to the pound cake??

We have been bringing you our HomeMade Cakes at tailgate markets for several years now and are happy to bake for your special occasions or family get-togethers.

Do you offer CSA shares? Not at this time.

Why do you love Flat Rock Farmers Market:
We are grateful for the many friendships cake and brownies have brought us and the continued support of our faithful customers.

What dates will you be attending the market?  Full Season